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Case History



Case history 1 : Our new technology for fruit, plant products and other vegetables: first of all, wheat, rice and soya followed by kiwi and grapes (juice, wine, etc.) potatoes and lettuce naturally enriched in selenium and lithium

Among I.D.Tech's core businesses, in the foreground there is always the research and formulation of wide-range functional foods. This context, which results from research carried out over the past twenty years, features rice, wheat and soya, kiwi and grapes (wine, etc.), potatoes and lettuce naturally enriched in lithium and selenium using a technology that can now also be applied to other vegetable produce, fruit, vegetables and their by-products studied purposely to favor the prevention of the onset of degenerative chronic diseases.

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Case history 2 : Technology for the selenium- and/or iodine-enrichment of potatoes

The enrichment of the potato - a widely consumed food - with selenium and iodine increases its health properties, due to the role played by said trace minerals in preventing illnesses such as human tumors and diseases linked to thyroid dysfunction, respectively.

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Case history 3 : Technology for the post-harvest treatment of vegetable products using iodine as an anti-germinant and/or with natural anti-tumorals of vegetable origin (i.e. phytochemicals)

In the post-harvest treatment of vegetable produce, the formation of toxic products and the worsening of sensorial characteristics can be blocked, using anti-tumorals of vegetable origin (i.e. phytochemicals) or traces of iodine as an anti-germinant.

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