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plus vigor nike serie

At the moment we have focused on two options of standard foliar fertilizers available: a nitrogen fertilizer (i.e. nitrogen from organic matters – not from chemical synthesis) and microelements based fertilizer; both of them compatible with organic farming under EU and Italian regulations.

A third option is to spray a water-based solution with selenium and lithium plus adjuvants.

There are different suggested usages of the said fertilizers depending on the vegetable species at stake: different number of fertilization treatments on field, proper irrigation time and concentration of the components; I.D.Tech has the specific know-how on this.

In any case, once every project with farmers gets started fertilizer formulations maybe customized to comply with the specific characteristic of the plants on field and of growing phases.

Fertilization may occur through ordinary equipment able to spray water and/or other chemical treatments on field, pivot, airplane (i.e. whenever foliar sprinkling with thin drops is available).

List of Comparative Advantages of Our Foliar Fertilizer

  • Due to foliar fertilization the end result does not depend on soil composition; this technology can be used also in situations of sandy soils scarce in Selenium.
  • In comparison with traditional fertilizers a reduced & minimal quantity of fertilizers substances is needed.
  • Reduced environmental impact (i.e. Green Technology).
    Note: even in countries with high level of agronomic technology there is scarcity of micronutrients (so called. "hidden hunger") which is worldwide spread issue. As a matter of fact, hidden hunger does not depend on calories daily intake, but on the lack of variety of biodiversity of the product available on the market (also due to soil and water contents) and of consumer awareness.
  • Increase of yield and/or quality of crops treated.
  • Simple to be prepared and used.
  • Non toxic.
  • Not needing investments for new machineries on farmers' side (ordinary equipment able to spray water and/or chemical solutions on field should suffice).
  • The parts of the vegetable produce not edible for humans can be used as cattle/animals food for diseases prevention.
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